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Safe Principals Offers....

Three areas of practical OHS support for schools, especially for Principals as site managers...

1. Site inspections and Teacher Professional Learning

2. School specific Emergency Procedures

3. Audit preparation and support


Budget OHS repair service (saves schools on maintenance charges)

Free telephone advice
Phone: 0413 056 506

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1. Site Inspections and Teacher Professional Learning

  • Staff meeting conducted
  • TPL in risk assessment processes for all staff
  • Site Inspection
  • Staff consultation & input
  • OHS Committee structured
  • Safety management system
  • Action plan developed
  • OHS record system in place
  • School OHS policy published
  • Desktop system installed
  • Links to DET OHS resources
  • Practical OHS support
  • Back up where required

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2. Site Specific Emergency Procedures

  • Evacuation drill critique
  • New DET requirements integrated
  • Industrial language translated
  • Lock down review
  • All emergency areas reviewed
  • Site specific emergency flip chart
  • Staff professional development
  • Free telephone advice service

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3. Audit preparation and support

  • Reduce OHS audit stress
  • DET Audit Tool based
  • Full review of documents
  • Gaps in paperwork filled
  • Links to DET resources
  • Alternate software option
  • Practical and relevant support
  • Optional budget repair service
  • Free telephone advice service

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Please ring 0413 056 506 for a quote.

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