Safe Principals is a practical WHS compliance lifeline for all school Principals:

  • User-friendly WHS Management System
  • Quality Teacher Professional Learning (TPL)
  • WHS audit support with hyperlinked evidence
  • WHS site inspections and Action Plan
  • Emergency Procedures including Emergency Flipchart

Safe Principals provides a full WHS rescue package that addresses all DET and WorkCover concerns.

Since beginning operations in 2009, we have been travelling throughout city and country NSW effectively supporting High, Central and Primary School Principals.

Every school has its own unique safety concerns. Safe Principals offers in-depth advice tailored to your particular school and its environment.

The service essentially completes your mandatory audit documents. We install 2 systems for you - a Safety Management System including the mandatory WHS Audit and an Emergency Management System which includes that mandatory Audit as well as Cash Handling, First Aid and uploading the latest version of the DEC's Emergency Management Plan onto ICE.

At the end of the two days you will have a complete system which is totally compliant together with 2 emergency flip charts, one folder with all the documentation you will ever need for WHS and the software for the 2 systems.

Follow Up Service

Who is this service for?

Principals who have already installed the practical WHS Management System from Safe Principals and wish to outsource their WHS requirements to a highly qualified, knowledgeable, efficient professional.

What is included?

This half-day refresher course includes

1.      Inservicing the Principal on the implications of the new WHS Act 2011

2.      Reviewing initial Action Plan

3.      Enhancing Safety Management System with new resources

4.      Producing two forms of Induction for Visitors and Volunteers for the school, one of which is a three-fold pamphlet

5.      Refresher on WHS Management System operation

6.      Inducting new Principals and/or WHS Chairperson/Committee

7.      Uploading an updated version of Emergency Plan onto ICE

How often?

Annual or more often if needed eg change of Principal, refresher prior to Audit


Ph: 0413 056 506